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Julie Chen Nelson, L. Ac.

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We serve  Orange County, the city of San Clemente, Telega, San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Ledara Ranch, Laguna Hills, Aliso Veijo, Lake Forest, Irvine, Newport Beach. 

Acupuncture Q & A

Acupuncture Questions and Answers

1. How old is acupuncture?   
Acupuncture is about 3,000-5,000 years old, and it is time approved nature medicine.
Ancient Chinese discovered the 14 meridians with about 400 points on the human body. The meridians cover the whole body like web and also each meridian connects into the internal organ. With thousands of years experience, Chinese Medicine successfully treat many common and difficult diseases and conditions.

2. Is Acupuncture painful?   
Not really. Acupuncture Needles are very tiny, thin like hair, totally different from injection needles.

3. What can Acupuncture help?   
Acupuncture can help all kinds of conditions and diseases.

​4. How does acupuncture work?   
Acupuncture works by stimulating nerve system, strength immune system, improving blood flow, balance internal systems. and treat the roots of the problems.     Traditional Chinese Medicine think acupuncture can open up the Meridians where the Qi(energy) and blood flow  and balance Yin-Yang and internal functions. 

5. How many visit do I need?    
I​t depends on how long you have the problems and how severe your problems are.  If you have chronic conditions or multiple diseases, you probably need  intense treatments first for a while , and follow by maintain treatment,  which depends on your treatment plan.

6. What is Chinese Herbal medicine different from other herbs?     
Chinese Herbal Medicine is fully developed  effective formula (multiple herbs) tested by billions of people and thousands years. A lots of classic formula from thousands years ago are  still been using  today worldwide.      You must consult with the practitioners first to take herbs.

​7. Is Children can have Acupuncture?   
​Yes.  Children have extremely good results with acupuncture from a cold, runny nose to allergies, asthma , indegistion, ADHD , autism.

8. Do you use disposable needles?