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Julie Chen Nelson, L. Ac.

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1. Inserting extreme fine stainless steel needles like hair to certain point to stimulate the body, It is drug free.

2. It is painless-special needles and skills.

3. We use disposableneedles only

4. About  45 -60  minutes per session.

​Electrical Acupuncture:

it is combinations with acupuncture and electrical stimulation.

Facial Acupuncture:

1. To treat system issues.

2. To Rejuvenate the face, reduce the signs of aging.

Ear Acupuncture:

It treats systematic issues according to reflexology, like weight loss, stop smoking, addictions.

Scalp Acupuncture:

It mainly treats center nervous system issues, like post stoke syndrome, Parkinson's.

Children's Tui-Na: (Acupressure)

Needle-free, special skilled acupressure, mostly treat children's cough, diarrhea, indigestion, asthma.


It uses special designed suction Cup onto  the body, to improve the blood circulation and clean out stagnated blood.

Chinese Herbal Medicine: (Herbs)

1. Personal herbal mix: this is old traditional way and effective way to treat special and difficult illness and diseases. It is more specific and detail.

2. Pill formed herb formula: treat common and mild diseases.

Qi Gong:

This is energy and meditate therapy.


  • acupuncture

  • electrical acupuncture

  • facial acupuncture

  • ear acupuncture

  • scalp acupuncture

  • consultation and diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine

  • children's Tui-Na (acupressure)

  • cupping

  • gua sha

  • moxibustion

  • herbal medicine

  • nutrition

  • detox personal formula

  • qi gong

  • educational program

Acupuncture Therapy in San Clemente

​​​Asia America Acupuncture & Herb Institute

​​​Julie  Chen Nelson, L. Ac (Licensed Acupuncturist in San Clemente, Orange County, CA)

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